Shafter Big Band – Smooth Dancers 2015

The last time the Shafter Big Band played for the Smooth Dancers, the stage was incredibly tiny. No, I mean really small. The bassist and I had to stand very specifically so we wouldn’t be fencing with the necks of our instruments! This time, we had a TON of room. No in-betweens in The Music Biz, I suppose! The room acoustics weren’t as bad as the last venue, but there was still a bunch of natural reverb.

Usually, I arrive very early to a performance date because of my gear setup, while most of the band just needs to show up with their horn. This time, I brilliantly got lost on the way there and had to rush in with my 64 lbs of amplification on a dolly, gig bag on my back, and guitar in hand. Most of the dancers had already arrived! I’m sure I was quite the spectacle.

"The show must go on." - Yoda

“The show must go on.” – Yoda

Once everything was setup, it was time to play. I’ve expressed this elsewhere, but I really enjoy playing for dancers. It’s easier to feel the appreciation for what you’re doing when the audience is expressing it in physical movement!

Early in the night

Early in the night

As the evening deepens...

As the evening deepens…

You can dance if you wanna!

You can dance if you wanna!

I really felt the whole band was really on that night. The energy of many musicians working together to make something memorable is something that I really love about live performance.

And on that final note, here is a video of one of our performances that night:


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